Culers Wanted!

The regular curling season will soon be starting (Nov) so if you are interested in putting in a team, or looking to join a team, contact Lori Johnson - daytime 535-2176, evenings 535-2534.  Our ladies/mixed/family night is Tuesdays at 7:15pm.  We are also always in need of spares, so if you do not want to commit to a team, I can always put you on our spare list.

Men's regular curling night is Wednesdays and you can enter your team, or to be put on a team, with Travis Johnson - daytime 535-2127, evenings 535-2477.

Also, new this year, Stick-curling.  If you are having trouble getting down in the hack but would love to keep curling, let us know!  It is a great way to stay active, have a social outing and enjoy the game!