Baldur Community Kitchen 2017 Work Schedule

The community thanks everyone in advance for volunteering your time to work in the arena kitchen as without this we would not be able to keep our facility running all year.  This has included socials, weddings, fall suppers, ladies night, art camps, skating, solstice, hockey and curling.  This arena is the hub of our community and it takes many volunteer hours to keep it running.  If you do not see your name on the list and would like to volunteer contact any of the group conveners.  The group convenors will schedule their group to work a 10 day period and putting the schedule in the paper.  The weekends overlap to allow more workers to help when it is busy.  If you cannot work during your 10 day period you are responsible for your own replacement or trade – There is a spare list at the bottom of the schedule.  You also have the option to hire a student to work your shift and there are students that need volunteer hours as well.  If you are finding a replacement be sure to let your group convener know.  During hockey games and tournaments, the parents of the children involved will be expected to help out.  The Rec Centre calendar will be posted on the Town of Baldur website and the Gazette website at   Once again,  thank-you for helping!

Group 1                January 7-17                       Lori Johnson- convener

Mike J., Louis & Tracy L., Dan & Necole M., Honore & Cindy D., Mark E., Jen & Rod,  Nyles D.

Group 2                January 14-24                    Liana Dearsley- convener

Darcy D., Rick & Shirley L., Connie & Rick R., Laurie G.M Jeff B., Ruth S.,  Lavona G., Rosmary P., Grant S.

Group 3                January 21-31                    Tracy Hiscock- convener

Garry H., Nicole & Armand D., Sherry L., Donna S., Scott & Marilynne P., Josh J., Pascal S., Cheryl H., Randy Desrochers

Group 4                January 28-Feb.7              Joy Dearsley- convener

Gord D., Chris & Terryl G., Gordon & Lauren J., Bob & Shirley C., Lindsey & Troy S., Deb & Doug R.

Group 5                Feb.4-14                              Anne Gudnason- convener

Dori G., Ric G., Drew & Muffin J., Penny & Greg J., Darryl & Cindy R., Bill & Patty. Amber R.

Group 6                Feb.11-21                            Debbie Jones- convener

Darrick J., Mike & Crissy E., Jared & Tammy M., Rhonda E., Suzanne P., Loraine C. Bill & Josey F Merle,and Francois

Group 7                Feb.18-28                            Tracy Lockhart- convener

Walter L., Mayson L., Benny & Brenda G., Mike & Melissa., Ryan G., Rob & Sherry R., Harold & Jody P.

Group 8                Feb.25-March 6                Denise Martens- convener

Corrie M., Brenda R., Doug & Lorrie E., Kris & Sal J., Jeff & Kelly-Ann P., Brad P. & Jaiclyn C., Jeff & Jackie

Group 9                March 3-13                         Brenda Johnson

Travis J., Craig & Carolyn R., Kathy D., Rolly & Lana G., Joe V., Darlene S. & Mark F., Colleen V., Susie J.


Spares:  Crystal Gagnon, Travis & Ashley Wickens, Tyler Tack, Justin Demeuleniere, Raegan Johnson, Mike Reykdal, & Riley Martens.

You may also hire the Travel Club to work a shift – contact Reece Johnson or Brook Roeges.